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Virtual One is an avatar project where every trait and accessory is an individual virtual wearable. Customize anytime and upgrade via future drops.

Welcome to Virtual One
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Product Roadmap

Our Initial roadmap will serve as a guidline as we build. Yet, we will keep our pulse to web3 and evolve as our community develops and new trends emerge. The goal is to become more than a static traditional PFP project and lay the foundation for the Virtual One ecosystem.

Product Development
NFT Drops
Smart Contract Optimization
Core Product Optimization
Future Trait/Accessory Drops
Community Value Add
Community Surprises

Always On

Avatar Mint Website
Customization Smart Contracts
Avatar Customizer
Avatar Drop
Community Growth

In Progress

Discovery Page: Wearables + Avatars
IPFS Upload
Wearables Collabs: Brands + Artists
V1 Design System Expansion
Community Creator Program

Future Build

Spaces of Exploration

This space highlights areas of interest and how the Virtual One Ecosytem could evolve. While these are not on the offical roadmap, they might be someday.

Virtual One Ecosystem

open protocol

Help Artists, Creators & Brands launch wearables/customizable avatar projects

NFT Physical redemption

Merch and collectibles

nft format extension

Sound, motion, 3D

V1 Avatar Expansion

Full Body Avatars, V2 Avatars, Cross Avatar Trait/Accessory Compabability

irl events

Web 3 conferences and pop culture events

Common base layer avatar

Explore onboarding millions to participate in Virtual One Ecosystem, and become the biggest web3 community.

Core Virtual One Team


Smart Contract





Frequently asked questions

How does customization of traits and accessories work?

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Virtual One customization is enabled via 3 smart contracts (Avatar, Traits/Accessories & Escrow).

Each avatar is allowed to interact with the escrow contract and open a container in which individual trait/accessory NFTs can be sent to escrow via the avatar customizer on our website.

Once traits/accessories are sent to escrow with an avatar, the meta data on the avatar will update to reflect the traits/accessories being worn.

Individual traits/accessories NFTs while in the escrow contract will disappear from your wallet. They can be redeemed by the original wallet address that deposited via the avatar customizer and returned to your wallet as individual NFTs. This transaction will also update the avatar metadata to remove the redeemed traits/accessories.

What happens when I want to sell my avatar?

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When avatars are sold, all escrowed traits/accessories are sold with the avatar.

However, Avatars equipped with traits/accessories from creator collab drops traits are unable to be sold. The traits and accessories from creator collabs will need to be unequipped and redeemed from the escrow contract prior to the avatar being sold.

When an avatar is sold, the new wallet address will receive the ability to interact with the escrow contract for that avatar. Uneqipped individual trait/accessories will remain in your wallet and can be sold individually.

What happens when I want to sell my individual traits/accessories?

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Traits/accessories cannot be sold as individual NFTs while equipped to an avatar in an escrow contract. Traits/accessories can be sold as individual NFTs anytime they are not escrowed.

How will the avatar drop work?

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The date and price of the drop is TBD. We will have an allowlist and spots will be rewarded in various capacities that will be announced.

Minted avatars will come with an initial set of traits/accessories. Shortly following the avatar drop, we will do our first additional traits/accessories drop so the customization can begin.

How do I get additional traits/accessories?

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Shortly following the avatar drop, we will do our first additional traits/accessories drop so the customization can begin.

Future traits/accessories drops will occur on special occasions. Be sure to checkout the Drops section for the schedule.

In addition, you can always buy traits/accessories on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

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